Here’s Why Blue and Green Paint Are Ruling 2023

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House trends, both interior and exterior, can vary from year to year, but there are two notable colors that are always worth considering. According to Camille Styles, in 2023, greens and blues have been very popular choices for house painting. Let’s take a closer look at these two fantastic colors!

Pleasing to the Eye

The main reason for the popularity of blue and green is how pleasing they are to the eye. Blue and green are both soothing colors that help people feel calm and at ease. Their attractiveness and calming nature make these two colors perfect for any type of room. Whether you’re redoing a bedroom or your kitchen, you’ll likely find a few hues of green and blue that you’ll fall in love with. To enjoy the full effect, create a palette of different shades for all the rooms in your house painting project. It’s the perfect foundation for a wonderful interior design scheme.


Because they are so versatile, green and blue remain design favorites year after year. Unlike trendy colors that can look dated after a year or two, these perennial colors continue to look lovely. Imagine seafoam green in your bathroom, moss in the dining rooms, and sage in the bedrooms. Lovers of the color blue can opt for a deep navy paint color in the den, sky blue as an accent color in the kitchen, and periwinkle in a child’s bedroom. The possibilities are truly endless! Combing different shades and hues of one main color creates a cohesive palette that is carried through your entire home.

Complementary to Neutral Palettes

Even if you’re a lover of neutrals, adding some accent colors can give any room a more polished look. Neutrals are the foundation for many design and decor styles, but it’s helpful to add some additional color. Pairing neutral tans, greys, and beiges with a pop of blue or green adds depth and visual interest to any room. Ask your contractor for a color wheel to explore all of the possibilities for complementary color pairings in your home. You may discover a combination that has never occurred to you before!

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