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Top house painters in New Berlin, WI, combine expert painting techniques with materials and tools of the best quality so you can enjoy a beautiful home. Professional residential painting can change your home’s style quickly without requiring lengthy and inconvenient home renovations. At Everything Drywall and Paint, we call it a painting project, not a paint job, because our work is a labor of love.

Do you need drywall repair services in New Berlin, WI? Contact Everything Drywall and Paint.

Expert House Painters in New Berlin, WI

Interior and Exterior Residential Painting in New Berlin, WI

Why go with the expert residential painting provided by Everything Drywall and Paint? Having your home painted breathes new life into its interior and exterior.

Painting your interior allows you to inject your personality into each room. Painting the walls, ceiling, trim, and more will personalize every room, from your kitchen to your office. Colors influence your mood and energy levels, so let our professionals help you choose hues that work for you.

With exterior painting, any homeowner in New Berlin can improve a home’s curb appeal. Painting your exterior siding, bricks, or stones gives your house a facelift and helps you improve its perception in the neighborhood. It can also enhance your property’s value if you plan to sell it.

Why Choose Everything Drywall and Paint in New Berlin, WI

At Everything Drywall and Paint, we provide homeowners with access to the most knowledgeable and experienced house painters in New Berlin, WI. Our painting includes a 2-year workmanship warranty for complete peace of mind. With top-notch customer service and dependable work, we also receive regular customer reviews that showcase our consistent results.

You won’t need to get excited because our house painters arrived on time–punctuality is part of the package! It goes hand in hand with delivering the best customer experience possible, whether you hire us for interior or exterior residential painting or one of our other local services.

Do you need professional painting? Our team of expert house painters in New Berlin, WI provides our clients with access to expert design advice, and we use top-quality equipment and painting materials. Whether you need help choosing the colors for your home’s siding or want to create a specific mood for a kitchen that feels brand-new, our team can help. 

Update your home with professional interior painting—contact us to learn more about what Everything Drywall and Paint can do for you!

The Go-to House Painters in New Berlin, WI

David came November to paint my father’s kitchen, living rooms and dinning room. Super professional and he finished way faster than I thought. 5 stars highly recommend.

James Ponton Jr.

Excellent service and work performed in a very time sensitive repair on a house that was in the process of being sold. These guys were lifesavers, highly recommended. Thanks!!!

Laurie Valentine

I appreciate the great work by this hardworking team. Satisfied with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again. Thank you!

Gordon Whitlow

Everything Drywall and Paint : Call for Affordable Residential Painting Services in New Berlin, WI, Today

If you want a team of expert house painters in New Berlin, WI that keeps an eye on emerging trends in the world of residential painting, we are a great choice. Working with our professional team means a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and unparalleled painting quality. Let our team exceed your expectations with outstanding customer service and long-lasting paintwork!

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