House Painting in Franklin, WI

Increase curb appeal with one simple project when you call Everything Drywall and Paint, your go-to painters in Franklin, WI, now!

Three decades ago, the “City of Homes” consisted of residential areas lined with farmhouses. Despite living in a peaceful suburb named one of the best places to live and raise a family in Wisconsin, you may need to give your home an update from painters in Franklin, WI, who understand the value of historic integrity. At Everything Drywall and Paint, our high-quality services promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed every time.

For exterior painting services from those who care more about heritage than a paycheck, you need our skilled craftsmanship and professionalism!

Exterior House Painting in Franklin

It’s a common misconception that a paint job is a paint job, meaning any DIY project will suffice. However, without the proper preparation, residential painting doesn’t last, requiring a touchup within a few years. 

Our qualified team power washes the exterior of your home, ridding it of debris that would otherwise create a textured surface affecting paint lay down. Then, our professionals scrape off the current paint using a putty knife before laying down the primer, which guarantees vibrant hues. They also caulk gaps for an even surface.

Drywall Repair in Franklin, WI

Getting your interior home painted by our top painters in Franklin, WI, sometimes begins with a drywall repair. Although we try to repair existing drywall by caulking holes and cracks, a new wall installation is sometimes vital for producing a smooth surface. 

We’ll begin by stripping the existing wallpaper or paint if applicable and removing the old drywall. Our contractors then cut a new piece to fit that area, carefully measuring and tacking it before covering it with joint compound and sanding. 

To maintain proper dust control, we’ll clean the sawdust and other particles before painting to ensure it doesn’t fly up, sticking to the wet paint and jeopardizing your health.

Interior House Painting in Franklin

Delivering unparalleled quality and outstanding customer service, our team, with over 15 years of experience, proudly handles interior painting for our friends and neighbors in Franklin, WI. Before starting the painting, we wipe the walls and remove old paint or wallpaper.

We then caulk, sand, and prime the surface. Whether you’re keeping the original color scheme of your historic Franklin houses or trying something new in your modern abode, our team will lay down your desired colors from our top partnering manufacturing brands.

After laying down two coats of quality hues, we’ll top it off with a protective coat.

When you need interior painting in Franklin, WI, that’s second to none, look no further than our specialists and two-year workmanship warranty!

Your One-stop Shop for a Whole-home Redesign in Franklin, WI

Whether you’re in need of exterior or interior house painting in Franklin, WI, you can count on us. Not all painters in Franklin, WI, are the same. If you need a team that stands by its unrivaled quality and acute attention to detail, then consider Everything Drywall and Paint as your go-to. We’ll start by arriving on time and end with an intricate clean-up process. Call 414-380-0302 in this and surrounding areas for a free estimate today!

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