What to Look For in Your Exterior Painting Company

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You can make your old home look new again with a high-quality exterior painting. When you invest in top-of-the-line service from skilled and reliable professional painters, you improve the way your home looks, its desirability to potential buyers, and its overall value. According to Open Door, exterior painting produces a 55% return on investment, which makes it a good idea to paint your home if you plan to list it for sale or simply want to improve how it looks. You might even want to get a home equity line of credit based on the home’s increased value as a result of this upgrade. If you’re considering painting your home’s exterior, it’s essential to choose the right exterior painting company for the project. Here are a few of the most important things to look for.

They’ve Been in Business for Years

You should start your search by seeking out exterior painting contractors who have been in business for many years, ideally a decade or more. The longer a painting service has been in business, the more established it is and the more likely it is well regarded by previous customers. In addition to looking for a company that has been in business for a long time, you should also seek out professionals who have experience with the specific type of work you want done. Ask any professionals you’re considering if they’ve worked on homes similar to yours in the past and, if possible, request a few samples of this work.

They Have Positive Online Reviews

When hiring professionals to work on your home, it’s always vital to look for a team with a reputation for high-quality work. A good painting contractor should have plenty of positive reviews on Google, Yelp, and other online sources. You can enter the contractor’s business name along with the word “review” in the search field and look for results. Checking those sources could help you to see what people have to say about the exterior painting service. Reviews that discuss work quality, professionalism, and cost are especially helpful for narrowing down your choices. While a few isolated negative reviews aren’t necessarily a red flag, the clear majority of ratings should be overwhelmingly positive.

Their Previous Projects Look Great

Asking to see pictures of a company’s previous exterior painting projects can help you to gauge the quality of work that the team has provided for others in your area. The company should have photos of jobs that it considers to be done especially well and show its best work. You might even want to request examples of homes painted in a similar style to what you want for your own property. This will help make it easier for you to envision the end results of your project. If you like what you see in the photos, this is a good sign that it’s worth moving forward with hiring the company.

Previous Customers Were Satisfied With Their Work

You also should request references from your prospective exterior painting contractors. If the contractor has a lot of satisfied customers, a few will likely be happy to act as references and allow the contractor to share their contact information. It’s a good idea to call them or send them emails asking for their opinions about the work that they received from the exterior painting contractor and if they feel they got a good value. You should also ask about how well the crew worked and the quality of communication between them and the contractor. If the references you talk to speak positively about the painting team, this is a good indicator that they’re worth hiring.

They Use Quality Paint Products

When you hire professionals for an exterior painting project, you want to rest assured that they’re doing the job right by using top-quality products. It can be very frustrating to pay for quality exterior painting service and be stuck with substandard paint that doesn’t last long and fades quickly. A painting company should explain which brands and particular types of paint it prefers to use and why. It also helps to do a quick online search for the types of paint mentioned to see if they have a positive reputation. It’s especially important to know that the paint that is applied to your home’s exterior surfaces can withstand wind, weather, and the sun’s UV rays and still look good. The paint a company uses should protect your home’s exterior while also making it look better.

Their Team Is Highly Skilled

Established painting services should have plenty of experienced painters who can do good work quickly with minimal chances of accidents occurring. Inexperienced painters are more likely to make mistakes and possibly cause accidents compared to more experienced painters. They will also likely take longer to do the job right, and time is money when you are paying for labor. An experienced crew that is efficient and does good work is what you need to get the best results.

They Have Experienced Supervisors

An exterior painting contractor should also have experienced supervisors who can help to make sure the crew does its best work. If any issues arise while your project is underway, you can address them with the supervisor to help rectify the situation and make the experience as positive as possible. The supervisor can also help to prevent accidents and keep the work flowing. A well-supervised crew can complete the job on time and give you the best results for your money while making your home look better and increasing its value.

They Offer a Quality Guarantee

You should ask prospective exterior painting contractors if they can guarantee their work will be done to your satisfaction. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get all of your money back if you aren’t satisfied, but the company should be willing to make changes that address any issues that you might have with the quality of their work. The job should not be finished until you are completely happy with the result, and a satisfaction guarantee will help to make that happen.

They’re Willing to Give You a Detailed Cost Estimate

When it comes to any major home improvement project, you want to ensure you’re staying within your desired budget and getting your money’s worth. Exterior painting is no exception to this rule. You don’t just want a rough estimate of the time and cost to do the external painting on your home. Contractors should give you highly detailed cost estimates that show exactly where your money is spent and why. The estimate should include a summary of all of the work that will be done to calculate the final cost.

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