Answering Common Exterior Painting FAQs

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Are you ready for exterior work to improve your curb appeal and protect your home? Then it’s time for an exterior painting service. According to Zippa, there are over 5,424 painting contractors currently employed in the United States, so you have many options to consider. However, you may have a few questions at first. Here are common FAQs customers have about this type of work.

1. How Often Does a Home’s Exterior Need Painting?

When it comes to exterior paintwork, you have many factors to consider. What is the climate like in your area? If there’s a great deal of rain or excessive UV rays, then your home may be more susceptible to damage from the elements. The type of paint used also plays a role. That’s why you should only hire the best professionals to paint your home. After all, qualified exterior painting teams have the best quality paints and know how to apply them to optimum effect. A general rule of thumb is to repaint every five to 10 years, depending on the signs of wear and tear.

2. How Do I Pick the Color?

Unless you have a background in art and design, picking the ideal paint color may be daunting. However, there aren’t any rules for what color you should use. Pick your favorite hue or go with the trends. You can always check out Pinterest, look at home decor magazines, or view your friends and family’s homes for inspiration. Of course, your painters are available for color expertise and can help guide your decision. You can also use online tools or apps that allow you to visualize different colors on your home. When it comes to color, there is room for fun and flexibility.

3. What Time of Year Should I Paint the Outside?

While you should call professionals immediately if your paint is fading and cracking, it’s best to paint in dry and mild conditions. Low humidity and moderate temperatures are best for any paint, even indoor jobs. So if you live in an area like Wisconsin, spring or fall are the ideal time to call an exterior paint service. While you may think extreme heat is best, it can affect the drying and curing of the paint. Extreme cold, on the other hand, can make the drying process take too long.

4. What Is the Cost?

The cost to paint the exterior of your home varies depending on several factors, such as the size and shape of your home, the number of stories and windows, the condition and preparation of the surface, the quality and quantity of the paint, the labor and equipment required, and the location and season of the project. A good painting company will be able to provide you with a free estimate on your exterior painting project to ensure you’re able to budget properly for it.

5. What Is the Best Paint to Use?

There isn’t just one paint to use. The best option for your exterior depends on the climate and condition of your home. Painters may use different paints on your siding, trim, doors, and windows. A professional exterior painter will normally use a high-quality acrylic latex paint that is designed for exterior use. Using such professional-grade paint resists cracks, peels, fades, mold, and insects, and it provides UV protection. They may also use a sealant and finish for a glossy, flat, or stain effect.

6. How Long Is the Process?

Some home jobs are more complex than others. The amount of time it takes to paint a single-family home versus a multi-level mansion is quite different due to size and the need for scaffolding. You also have to consider the size and expertise of the painting team. Be sure to hire an experienced professional who can finish in a timely manner. On average, it only takes a few days to complete an exterior painting project, but it can take longer if there are delays or complications.

7. Do I Need to Prepare Anything for the Exterior Painters?

Preparing your home for exterior painting is an essential step that can affect the quality and longevity of the results. Your local painters will do all the prep work needed for the walls. They’ll often repair surface cracks and holes and clean the surfaces before painting begins. Make things easier for the team you hire by moving cars, toys, patio furniture, and anything blocking the way outside. They need space to put their equipment and avoid breaking anything. You may also want to move children and pets away from the home while workers are there.

8. Can I Maintain the Paint as Much as Possible?

Maintaining your home’s exterior paint can help extend its lifespan and keep it looking fresh and beautiful. To maintain your exterior paint, you should inspect it regularly for any signs of deterioration or damage and address them promptly. You should also clean it periodically with a mild detergent and water, using a soft brush or sponge to remove any dirt or stains If you notice any cracks or fading in the paint, it’s best to call your painters back to do some touch-up work as needed.

9. Do Painters Come With a Warranty?

Yes, most exterior painters offer the protection of a warranty or guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with their painting results, they’ll come back and redo the job under a warranty. In the case of a guarantee, you’ll get your money back in a short amount of time. Save yourself the headache and make sure you hire a professional with a good reputation for solid work to reduce the likelihood of needing to use a warranty or guarantee

10. What Are the Benefits of Working With Qualified Professionals?

While some homeowners may find DIY projects appealing, hiring a skilled professional painter for your home’s exterior can offer many benefits. You save time and hassle, as they can handle all the aspects of the project, from preparation to cleanup, with speed and efficiency. That leaves time for you to do your own work and attend to family matters.

These professionals also bring quality and safety, as they have the skills, experience, tools, and equipment to deliver a flawless job. Good professional painters follow the best practices and standards to avoid any accidents or injuries. They also protect their work and your money with a warranty and guarantee. Since they can stand behind their work and offer you peace of mind and satisfaction, they have confidence that you will like the work they do.

11. Why Paint the Exterior of My Home?

Hiring an exterior painting service protects your home from the elements. It also improves curb appeal so your property always looks great. Quality exterior paint protects your siding and makes the home more energy efficient. Plus, you can showcase your personality with the right color and help your home stand out from a sea of similar-looking houses.

These are some of the main questions people have about using an exterior painting service. If you want to keep your home looking beautiful and increase its value, a quality exterior paint job is a perfect start. With the right professionals on board, your home will look new again and be ready to sell if you want. For more information on how exterior painting service can benefit you, contact our professional team at Everything Drywall and Paint for a consultation.

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