9 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Exterior Painting Service

exterior painting service

A quality paint job can work wonders for your home, but good painting work isn’t just for your interior walls. It’s just as important for your exterior. After all, it’s the outside of your home that people will see first, not the beautiful painted walls in your living room. Here are some signs it’s time to call an exterior painting service

1. Peeling or Bubbling

You take pride in how beautiful your home looks. Have you noticed your exterior paint has begun to peel and bubble? When this happens, the paint is moving away from the primed surface. Unfortunately, that won’t stop, and your paint will simply continue to bubble up and peel away from its walls. Underlining moisture has likely caused this issue. If your exterior walls have any vulnerabilities, such as cracks or holes that were unattended to, that’s easy access for outside moisture to creep in and under the paint layer.

2. Fading Color

Do you remember how your original exterior paint job looked? Recall how you felt when you drove up to your home and saw the beautiful paint, whether it was white, red, brown, or blue. A fresh coat of paint can make your home stand out from quite a distance, but if you’ve had your paint job long enough, you may notice the color has begun to fade. Fading paint color can happen quickly when you’re in an environment that has a great amount of UV exposure. Of course, faded paint will also simply happen with age. Even if you decide to keep the same paint color, simply repainting it in the same hue will notably restore brilliance and luster and make the house look new again.

3. Gaps Between Boards

According to Forbes, a small, single-story home with siding in good condition is less expensive to paint than a large, two-story home with siding in need of repair. As you can see, the condition of your siding can go a long way in how soon you’ll need exterior paintwork. After all, it’s your siding material the paint will go on. If your siding begins to break down, such as exposing cracks between the boards, it’s a sign new exterior paint is needed.

4. Mold or Mildew

It’s no secret that mold is an unsightly presence that no homeowner wants to see. After all, mold ruins your home structure and can affect your family’s health. However, it isn’t just the mold inside your home you have to worry about. If you see mold and mildew growing on your exterior, it’s cause for alarm that it’s time for an update. Mold will only grow in a moist environment. It won’t stop growing without intervention, so the best thing you can do is to get rid of whatever is causing the mold and have your exterior repainted. Then your beautiful home won’t become a health hazard.

5. Chalking

According to Bob Vila, a quality exterior paint job can last about 10 years. Even the strongest paint will become worn from the elements. Have you noticed a white powdery substance on your exterior? The substance is referred to as chalking and it’s a substance that your paint will produce when basic compounds are breaking down.

6. Increased Energy Bills

Have those energy bills begun to rise every month? Energy expenditure can easily account for a significant portion of your residential bills. What does this have to do with paint? Remember, your exterior paint is the first line of defense in your home. A solid exterior paint job that goes over equally solid siding can prevent the elements from creeping in. Most importantly, it can also prevent cooled or heated air produced by your HVAC system from escaping. Regardless of how updated your AC unit is, it’ll have to work overtime with constant heat loss. As a result, you’ll have greater energy bills as the HVAC unit is working overtime to cool or heat your home as needed. As those energy bills rise, so will your carbon footprint.

7. Rot

Has your siding begun to show signs of rot? Look at the surfaces that are exposed, such as your awnings, siding, trimming, etc. If these exterior features are showing signs of wood rot, you’ll need to replace them and eventually get a new paint job. Failure to deal with these rotten elements can put your overall home structure in danger.

8. Pests

No homeowner wants to deal with an invasion of insects. Unfortunately, the slightest cracks in your siding and exterior paint can give various insects an all-access passage to your interior. Imagine what summer would be like if you were fighting off mosquitoes indoors. Even worse, termites could have an opening to eat their way through into your interior property. Termite damage can affect both your exterior and interior home. According to the CDC, termites can destroy your home in about three years.

Unfortunately, insects aren’t the only vermin that can get inside your home due to vulnerabilities in your exterior. If your exterior paint has worn down so much that it has provided a gateway for your siding to also wear down, there could be holes or cracks big enough for rodents to sneak in. Rodents are always looking for a water or food source. Don’t make it easy for them to invade your beautiful, high-valued home. In no time, one or two of these fast-producing vermin can overrun a home and cause major destruction. Even the nicest neighborhood could be susceptible to these furry vermin as there may be field mice and other rodents living among the vegetation that may be nearby.

9. Moving

Like many Americans, you’ve probably moved several times in your life. Therefore if you’re planning a move in 2024, you should schedule an appointment with a painting contractor ASAP. As you plan to sell your existing home, you’ll need to ensure it’s prepped and market-ready. One of the best ways to do so is by enlisting the help of your local exterior painting service. Keeping the home looking beautiful from the inside out can help attract a buyer faster. After all, it’s the exterior a potential buyer will see first before they see your hardwood floors, furniture, or first-class kitchen remodeling. Plus, your exterior paint job has a relatively decent ROI. If you provide proof that you’ve had recent exterior paint work done, it can provide relief for potential buyers. This way, they know they won’t have to make an upgrade for several years unless they desire to change the color.

It’s important to keep up with all elements of your property, and that includes your exterior paint. Remember, a quality paint job isn’t just about changing the color. Paint can also protect your siding and add to its lifespan. It can help produce a more energy-efficient home that doesn’t increase your carbon footprint. Plus, it adds to your overall curb appeal and home value, which is good for your personal net worth and home sellability. For a reliable exterior painting service you can trust, look no further than our local team at Everything Drywall and Paint. Our team looks forward to taking your home to the next level with stunning new paint. Call us today for a consultation!

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