7 Things to Know Before Painting a Brick Home

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Brick homes feature a unique type of rustic charm. They are also famously durable, easy to maintain, and remarkably efficient. While all those qualities turn brick homes into intriguing purchases and projects, you should know a few important things before you begin. Continue below to learn everything you must about that topic and understand what to expect before hiring exterior house painting companies.

1. Paint Will Be a Defining Element of Your Exterior Décor

According to Open Door, the ideal exterior painting plan features only three colors, and it should follow the 60-30-10 rule. This rule indicates that one color should account for the body of your home, which would be the 60% share. The next color would be used on your garage doors and trim, and that would take up 30%. The remaining color and 10% of your exterior painting plan would then focus on your front door and shutters.

Look at that division again, and you’ll notice that the majority share of your exterior painting plan is meant to showcase the body of your home. That means the paint color you select for your brick home will also be the defining element of your exterior décor. Given how much the final appearance of your home will depend on the color of your exterior walls, you really need to nail that selection. Choosing the wrong paint for your brick walls will inevitably drag down the rest of your design scheme.

The 60-30-10 plan indicates that you should only use one color on your brick walls. Should you abide by that aspect of the plan as well? Sticking to one color is recommended because you want to avoid obscuring the appearance of the bricks. They are meant to be standout elements of your exterior décor, so give them a chance to shine.

2. Paint Is Likely a Permanent Addition to Brick Walls

Some homeowners don’t put a lot of thought into painting their exterior. They fall in love with a color scheme and pay to see what it looks like implemented on their property. They don’t put too much weight into that spur-of-the-moment decision because it’s reversible. You can still use paint strippers to restore the appearance of your home siding.

Repainting deserves more thought and consideration if you have brick walls lining your home. When you make the decision to paint over brick, you should know that the paint you’re adding will likely be permanent. Removing the paint on the brick surface may be possible using a power washer or sandblaster, but that’s far from an ideal solution. Using those removal methods will take a lot of work. However, you can still switch paint colors. So, if you decide down the road that the color you chose doesn’t suit your home any longer, you can pick a new one!

This means you aren’t stuck with your paint choice forever, and repainting is an option. You can add a new color to the painted brick, and it will still look great. Repainting will deliver stellar results as long as exterior house painting companies handle it.

3. You Need to Pick the Right Paint and Primer

Once you’ve decided that you want to paint your brick home, you need to pick the right paint and primer for the project. The key here is having a professional team paint your home so it’s done correctly, giving you a long-lasting, professional look. When you hire a team of exterior house painters, they will have the right paint and tools to ensure your paint project goes smoothly.

Without the right paint or tools, your brick may be susceptible to paint peeling. How is this possible? All that moisture entering the brick can lead to contractions and expansions. The contractions and expansions that take place over a long timeframe can gradually weaken the hold of the paint. This isn’t something you need to worry about when you hire an expert company.

Although peeling is a concern for any painted brick wall, that is far from inevitable. You can take preventative measures to prevent paint peeling. More specifically, the professional painters you hire can conduct the procedures necessary to ensure that your chosen paint stays on your brick wall for as long as possible. You’ll be able to maintain the appearance of your brick walls with their help.

4. Paint Should Be Applied at the Right Time

After seeing exciting examples of exterior décor online, you’ve decided that now is the right time to alter the appearance of your brick walls. Painting your home can be beneficial in more ways than one, but you should make sure your timing is right. According to Southern Living, it’s recommended to wait at least a year before painting if your brick is brand new. This will allow for drying, weathering, and leaching. Coating your brick walls with paint not long after installation may not give you the results you’re looking for.

If you paint too soon, you may be stripping the brick of its natural ability to breathe. Giving your brick the ability to breathe means it will let out the moisture it needs to. Without releasing moisture, it can cause the brick to erode over time. Because of this, you probably want to avoid that outcome, so talk with professional painters to get their take on your specific situation.

5. Paint Maximizes the Longevity of Brick Walls

Painting your brick walls yields a number of benefits. One of the top benefits is extending the lifespan of your brick walls. The additional coats of paint will help protect your brick walls from the elements. A painted brick wall is also more likely to maintain its appearance.

Painting your brick walls doesn’t just retain their distinctive look, but it’s also worth it because it can defend your property against water damage, dirt and dust, wind erosion, UV rays, and more.

6. Paint Helps With Brick Wall Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a must if you have brick walls. The structural integrity of your brick walls may be compromised if you fail to render adequate maintenance. Moisture may start to seep into your home through your poorly maintained brick walls. Your home’s efficiency rating may also suffer due to your damaged walls.

Maintaining your brick can prove to be quite a chore. You can make that important task more manageable by painting your brick walls. The paint does a great job of keeping debris out of your brick walls. Because of that, you won’t have to comb the surface of your walls meticulously during cleaning.

7. Paint Enhances the Value of Brick Walls

Finally, you should consider the impact painting will have on the value of your brick walls. You’ll be glad to know that painting your brick wall enhances your home’s overall value. Of course, you must still choose the right coat of paint to extract the most value from that endeavor. Consult with professional painters to determine which color will complement your brick walls and design scheme best.

A fresh coat of paint could be the best addition to your brick home. The benefits are too good to pass up. Ensure your brick walls are properly painted by working only with exterior house painting companies you can trust. Our team at Everything Drywall and Paint specializes in residential painting, and we’ll transform the appearance of your brick walls with ease. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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