6 Unique Kitchen Colors to Consider This Year

Kitchen repainting can conceal minor signs of damage and revitalize your home design. Leave that job to a professional painting company, and they can turn your kitchen into a greater asset for your home. Of course, the challenge with repainting is finding the right color combination. The sheer number of available options can make it difficult to settle on a color combination for your kitchen. Make that decision easier by checking out the fun and exciting options in this article!

1. Integrate Versatility Into Your Design Scheme With Jet-Black Paint

Black has become a staple color in modern design schemes, with good reason. The versatility of black paint is highly valued in interior design. Depending on the shade of black you select, that color can either be the central focus of your revamped design scheme or serve as the perfect complement to other shades.

Still, many shades of black compel you to choose between those two potential applications. Unless you’re committed to only featuring one look inside your kitchen long-term, you likely want something more out of your black paint. If you wish to maintain versatility while featuring black paint inside your kitchen, jet-black paint should be your pick.

What separates jet-black paint from other variants is the presence of a smoky undertone. There’s a richness to this variation of black paint that other options do not offer. That richness is critical because it allows jet-black paint to stand alone while working as a complementary color. Jet-black paint can work on any fixture inside the kitchen, but it shines the most when used on kitchen cabinets.

2. Subvert Expectations With Paper White Paint

White is seen by many as the default color for any kitchen, so you may be wondering why we’re including it in an article highlighting unique options. As you might have guessed, the paper white variant is not your typical shade of white paint. There are elements of paper white paint that turn it into an intriguing color choice for any kitchen.

The undertones present in paper white paint give it a unique look. The gray undertones are the most perceptible. Some even argue that paper white is closer to gray than it is to a pure white color. Regardless, the resulting combination is a somewhat muted color that makes rooms feel bright and airy.

Additional light blue and green undertones are critical to enhancing paper white paint’s versatility. Those undertones bring paper white paint closer to neutral. The neutral appearance of paper white paint allows it to complement numerous other colors. The professional painters you hire can create some spectacular combinations with paper white paint present inside your kitchen.

3. Refresh Your Kitchen Design With Bright Poolside Blue Paint

According to Camille Styles, blues and greens are among the most commonly used colors for house painting in 2023. You’re not treading new ground by using blue paint. Still, the prevalence of blue paint isn’t a good enough reason to hold off on using it altogether. Thankfully, there are uncommon variants of blue paint that can still work wonders inside kitchens.

Poolside blue is one standout option to consider if you’re keen on using blue paint. This variation of blue paint naturally lends itself to bright color schemes. It is evocative of summers spent in the backyard with your friends and family. The brightness is a welcome sight in any kitchen, and it can be the star of your revamped décor.

Although the brightness of poolside blue is its signature characteristic, this variation of blue also has an understated side that gives it more depth. You can still pair it with other bright colors without creating an eyesore. Poolside blue can even develop a more modern appearance if it’s paired with metallic tones. Take full advantage of its inherent versatility to create your desired kitchen design.

4. Establish Earthy Kitchen Vibes With Matcha Paint

Matcha is a type of green tea known for being rich in antioxidants and featuring distinct earthy flavors. It’s commonly found in coffee shops and supermarkets across the globe. You can also feature it in your kitchen with the help of a professional painting company.

The distinct variation of green that matcha provides features notes of earthiness and brightness. It’s a lively color for sure, but it doesn’t take over a design scheme. You don’t have to deal with numerous color restrictions if you use matcha paint.

This particular color is also a great fit in a kitchen with natural elements. The matcha color blends well with plants growing in your kitchen. The presence of sunlight also enhances the beauty of matcha paint.

5. Opt for a Modern Yet Neutral Color Palette With Brownstone Paint

The kitchen offers prime real estate for design experimentation. Experimentation doesn’t necessarily mean featuring all kinds of paint combinations using bright colors. You can also try something new inside your kitchen while using neutral tones. Brownstone paint can help with that goal.

Brownstone is a variant of brown paint that leans more into being neutral. Its color closely matches coffee tones, but it’s also more muted than that. The neutral aspect of brownstone allows it to work well as a base color. You can use it together with other neutral colors to create a quiet backdrop.

Why is the neutrality of brownstone paint a selling point? For starters, you can use it to highlight the new fixtures you have in your kitchen. It doesn’t take any attention away from your new fixtures, and it even complements the colors commonly featured by modern appliances.

On top of that, brownstone can make your kitchen look and feel different because it’s a new neutral color. You don’t have to utilize the same black, white, and gray tones found inside most kitchens. Brownstone is a different neutral color that gives your kitchen a more distinctive identity.

6. Embrace Bold Design With Sunny Paint

Yellow works well as a complementary color because of how bright it is. Even when yellow is muted, it can lend just enough brightness to alter the design dynamic of your kitchen space. You can also pair it with dark or other bright colors and create a beautiful design scheme. The complementary qualities of yellow paint endear it to many homeowners but don’t forget that it can also be the focal point of your kitchen décor.

Yellow should be your color of choice if you wish to make lively color the central element of your new kitchen design. The brightness of the paint is bold in the best possible way. You don’t have to do much to create stunning scenery inside your kitchen with this bright paint as your backdrop. This type of yellow paint works well for minimalist design schemes because you don’t need other bold elements to accentuate it.

White is the ideal complementary color for sun porch paint. If you cannot find a shade of white that works, gray paint is a suitable substitute. Play off the brightness of sun porch paint to tap into its full potential.

A fresh coat of paint can take your kitchen décor to the next level. The paint colors highlighted in this article can give your kitchen a unique feel that will be the envy of your friends and family. Work with a professional painting company and implement a new color scheme inside your kitchen. Contact us today at Everything Drywall and Paint to start your repainting project!

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