6 Soothing Paint Colors for Bedrooms

When working with a residential interior painting team, it’s important to choose colors that create the feelings that you want for your home. For example, bedrooms should have calming hues that help you fall asleep and relax more easily. These can include lights and neutral hues that you enjoy.

Before choosing a color, though, it’s important to keep a few things in mind first. For example, according to This Old House, a typical interior paint job can last 10-20 years when prepared properly. That’s a long time to have the same bedroom color! Thankfully, the following hues should provide the unique look that you want and ensure that your bedroom is cozy and comfortable for years.

1. Blue-Green Looks

Blue and green are two of the most naturally relaxing colors in the world, and combining them in your bedroom should produce great results. They’re considered ethereal and hazy, especially when well blended. Even children will feel calmer and more relaxed in blue-green bedrooms.

There are a few options that work well for you in this situation. For example, there are many soft and cool blue-greens that have a light and soft feel. They’re closer to gray in tone and texture, which gives them a naturally calming and pleasing touch that should work well for most people.

Darker hues may not work well when creating a “calm” effect but can be cozy in some rooms. For example, if you have a naturally light bedroom located on the east or west of your home, darker blue-greens might work. It all depends on many factors, so talk with your team to learn more.

2. Creamy White Styles

White can sometimes create a rather harsh or even unpleasant feel in many homes. However, creamy whites provide a great balance because they’re softer and less severe. Mixing them with other hues can create a naturally calming bedroom that you and your kids will greatly enjoy.

Creamy white produces an appealing style, one that makes your bedroom more inviting. Furthermore, it creates a nice contrast to other rooms in your home. This may include contrasting it with brighter and more vibrant living rooms, sitting areas, and even bathrooms.

We strongly suggest that you also lighten the room up by adding some nice golden-yellow accents throughout the bedroom. Talk with your painting team about placing yellow in areas like the trim and around the windows. Doing so can provide the unique and appealing style that you want.

3. Light Green Tones

If you talk with a residential interior painting team about the most popular colors for bedrooms, green is likely to pop up. After all, light greens provide a unique and calming look, one that blends well with many styles and preferences. That said, you need to pick a tone that makes the most sense here.

For example, forest greens often go well with various browns to produce an all-natural style. That’s an important thing to consider if you want your home to look and feel more cozy. It produces a naturally welcoming environment that touches on our natural love of outdoor areas.

As always, it’s critical to talk with your painting contractor to get the results that you deserve here. They’ll make it easier for you to identify a unique blend of colors that makes sense for you. Just as importantly, they’ll make it simpler to find a budget-friendly option that you’ll enjoy.

You can even create a cool underwater style by mixing in green and light aqua colors! Avoid making your blues too bright or vibrant, and mix in white to produce a fun bubble effect. This approach works particularly well for young children.

4. Gray Hues

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a neutral color like gray for your bedroom. After all, you want a room that helps put you to sleep, not keep you up at night, contemplating its textures and color blends. Thankfully, there are many types of grays on the market that may work well for you.

We strongly suggest that you choose lighter textures that use more white than black. After all, gray is not a uniform color and comes in many intensities. Anything that’s too dark is likely to make your room not only feel more oppressive (and ruin your sleep) but also smaller and more constricted.

Does gray feel a little too boring to you? Talk to your contractor about mixing in blue and other lighter colors to give it a more interesting tone. Be careful when taking this step, though, and talk to your contractor about the importance of keeping your bedroom colors light and calming.

5. Light Pink Textures

Now, pink is normally one of those colors that might seem a bit too vibrant. After all, it’s associated with princesses and has a hue very close to red. That said, very light pinks are naturally calming because they remind us of the embrace of our mothers and can work well in some bedrooms.

For instance, a lightened salmon pink is often very calming and can work well in many bedrooms. It’s particularly great for younger children because they often enjoy pink more than adults. Keep bubblegum pink and other brighter variations out of your bedrooms to avoid any issues.

Note that you want to keep your pink as light as possible by working with a trusted professional. These contractors know how to take the normally vibrant pink hues you expect from homes and reduce their intensity. In this way, you can have an interesting bedroom that doesn’t keep you awake at night.

6. Pistachio Colors

Pistachio is a relatively underrated color that produces beautiful textures for many rooms. It’s particularly great for bedrooms because it’s a very quiet color that uses just a hint of mint blue. It often pairs best with whiter colors to produce a calming and relaxing bedroom anyone will love.

Talk to your contractor about pairing this color with simply white, creamy white, and other types of neutral colors. It should help soften the hue a little more while not making it too bland. That’s the risk you run into when choosing neutral colors, so make sure you’re prepared to handle it properly.

When working with such subtle colors, you need to talk with your contractor about ways you can make them stand out. For example, it’s essential to pay close attention to the trim and other parts of your home to keep them strong. In this way, you can ensure that your paint stays strong and appealing.

Note that porcelain is also a great choice that may blend well with many pistachio hues. Its lighter color still provides a nice contrast that should make your bedrooms calming and appealing. Try to add it to the trim, window and door frames, and other accent areas to produce a more attractive result.

Talk with a residential interior painting contractor near you about these colors to find the option that makes the most sense for you. There are so many options here that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. After all, these are just some of the best colors available and are far from the only ones you’ll find!

Thankfully, you can reach out to our team today to learn more about which colors make your bedroom a more relaxing and cozy place to hang out. By working with our crew at Everything Drywall and Paint, you should find the ones that make the most sense at a price you can afford. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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