12 Paint Projects to Increase Your Home’s ROI

residential interior painting

Whether you are considering listing your home for sale or just want it to look better, few things can improve its value and give you a better return on investment than new interior and exterior paint. According to Open Door, interior painting projects produce an average return on investment of 107%, so you can rest assured that your money is well spent. Here’s a closer look at a dozen types of residential interior painting and exterior painting projects that will help to make your home look better and increase its value.

1. Kitchen and Cabinets

The kitchen and its cabinets are ideal items to give a new paint scheme to make them look better and stand out more. The kitchen walls and ceiling could look better with new paint that helps to make it a more pleasant place in which to prepare meals and clean up the dirty dishes. A good residential interior painting job should include the cabinets to make them look new and blend in better with the kitchen décor. A kitchen that looks new and functions well can really add value to your home.

2. Living Areas

The living room, front room, and other common living areas are where you host guests and spend a lot of family time. You should make your living areas look their best with a quality paint job that helps to add to its ambiance. The connecting hallways, entryways, and any trim can be painted to look great with contrasting colors that help to make the living areas more aesthetically appealing. Different rooms and different walls can have different colors, and so can the ceilings in each room.

3. Doors and Frames

The doors and door frames can also benefit from new paint that makes them more attractive. Many people forget about these items when considering residential interior painting to make their homes look better and hold more value. A freshly painted door and frame can make the entrances to the home look new and more inviting for guests and other visitors. The new paint also can help the doors and their respective frames to withstand any outdoor elements that may affect them when opened and closed in all kinds of weather.

4. Window Trim

Window trim is another commonly overlooked feature that can benefit from new paint. Window trim should be painted inside and out to help protect against the weather and preserve the wood or other material it is made of. Depending on where they are located, windows see a lot of direct sunlight, which means the window trim is also exposed to the sun’s UV rays. Those UV rays can make the paint fade and age faster than other parts of the interior, but a new coat of paint can help to protect it.

5. Household Bedrooms

Your family members will almost certainly spend a lot of time in their respective bedrooms. Plus, if you are selling your home, a lot of prospective buyers will want to see what the bedrooms look like. A new paint scheme in each one can help to make them look their best and give each its own personality instead of having all bedrooms look the same. Fresh paint can make the bedrooms more inviting and a stronger selling point. If you don’t intend to sell, the residential interior painting done in the bedrooms still makes them more appealing for those who use them regularly.

6. Stairways and Foyers

If you have two or more levels to your home, you likely have at least one stairway and a landing connecting each level to the next one that is above or below it. A foyer is something that is typically located near the front entrance and is one of the first things that visitors will see when entering your home. A residential interior painting project should include the foyer and stairways to help make them look more appealing and attractive to see.

7. Closets and Shelves

Closets and shelves don’t have to be a boring shade of white. You can make them more appealing by using earth tones or other trendy colors that help to create a nice contrast with the rest of the paint scheme in the room. Painting closets and shelves helps to show your attention to detail while accentuating the various features of different rooms.

8. Bathrooms and Linen Closets

Bathrooms are another type of room that adds a lot of value to homes when their owners renovate and repaint them. Bathrooms in many ways are the most personal rooms in the house, and everyone uses them. A new paint scheme can make a bathroom look much more aesthetically appealing and new for relatively little cost compared to replacing bathroom fixtures. You also can paint the linen closet and any cabinets so that they contrast nicely with the walls and ceiling.

9. Basement Walls

If your home has a basement with traditional cinder blocks, painting the gray blocks in just about any color makes the basement more appealing. A residential interior painting project in the basement can help to make it a more functional area for doing laundry, enjoying hobbies, or doing any other activity. Lightly colored walls are best to help maximize the effect of interior lighting and what little natural light might enter the basement during the daytime. A lightly colored ceiling that reflects light downward can also look extremely attractive.

10. Decks and Porches

Decks and porches are outdoor living spaces that can benefit from new paint or stain. Porches in particular may fall under the category of residential interior painting – especially when they are partly or fully enclosed. Painting porches inside and out can make them more inviting when the weather is nice outside and give you another living space in which to relax and spend quality time. Decks likewise offer living space, but they are obviously more prone to the effects of weather. Painting or staining them helps to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.

11. Siding and Trim

A residential painting project could include the siding and trim on your home’s exterior. If you have wooden or aluminum siding, it needs paint to look its best and help to protect against the weather. A fresh coat that helps to make your home blend in or contrast nicely with the landscaping and lawn will help you to improve its curb appeal. So does painting the trim with a nicely contrasting color that helps to draw the viewer’s eyes to its architectural features.

12. Eaves and Soffits

Painting the eaves and soffits will also help to improve your home’s exterior and curb appeal. The eaves and soffits are especially prone to wear and tear from the weather. Removing any cracked or peeling paint and repainting its faded surfaces will help to make the roofline stand out more and give your home a more defined appearance along the lower edges of the roof.

Are you ready to increase your home’s ROI with one or more of the above residential painting projects? If so, contact Everything Drywall and Paint today to book your free estimate. We look forward to helping you improve your home’s value and make it look better than ever before!

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