10 Colors to Consider For Your Baby Nursery

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If you have a baby on the way, you’re more than likely excited about the new bundle of joy. As you put the nursery together, you need to think of the right color for the little one while considering your needs. According to House Grail, 88% of homeowners desire to stay home more often after painting a room. Since you’ll be in the nursery often, finding a comfortable color to surround you and the baby with matters. Here are some suggestions your local house painting service may make during a consultation.

1. White

Are you completely stumped as to what choice from the color wheel is best for your nursery? Do you want to do your best to ensure any accessories or furniture you add in the next couple of years match the decor? If that’s the case, look no further than the color white. While some people may associate white with sterility and dullness, white doesn’t have to embody these negative adjectives, as long as you can balance it with the right color, accessories, and other elements. For example, are you going to have plenty of toys, rugs, cushions, pictures, paintings, and a possible mural in your baby’s nursery? Then white paint may be the best hue to start from. Plus, white can be a very airy and bright color to use and the ideal way to make your nursery a bright and welcoming place that you, your baby, and any other caretakers can enjoy. Like any other color, there isn’t just one shade of white. You could always paint the nursery in off-white, or beige, or incorporate colored trim around your white walls.

2. Yellow

It’s hard not to feel cheery when surrounded by yellow. Yellow is the color of the Sun and is one of the warmer colors on the color spectrum. Psychologically speaking, yellow usually encourages feelings of happiness and warmth in people. It’s also a good color for a gender-neutral nursery. If you incorporate pink for girls or blue for boys later on, yellow provides a good basis that blends with either one of those colors. Plus, children are known to gravitate toward bright colors, such as yellows, oranges, and reds. Therefore, having your little one in a yellow-focused nursery can be a great way to stimulate their mind early on.

3. Gray

Gray is known for being a neutral color. Since gray is neutral, it has the benefit that white has of being able to pair so many other colors with it. Like white, gray is also available in different shades. Other hues can also be present in gray, so you can have a warmer tone with subtle shades of red or a cooler one that has some elements of purple or blue. With a gray nursery, you can have fun buying as many colorful accessories and toys that can easily fit into the space.

4. Blue

Blue has traditionally been a color associated with baby boys. However, many girls also love the color blue. When it comes to mood, blue can create a very calming effect. So, if you want to introduce your little one to a peaceful environment early on, a blue room is a nice way to start. Of course, you can opt for a soft baby blue or a darker one that you can contrast with lighter colors like a white crib and other furniture. If you wish to have an animal theme, such as sea animals, starting with blue walls can be a great basis for having an underwater mural.

5. Pink

Are you about to have a baby girl and want to stick with tradition? Well, it’s time for your house painting service to add pink to the walls. Pink is often associated with femininity and softness. It also is highly associated with friendliness, warmth, and love. Don’t be afraid to only stick with one shade of pink. You can go bold with neon pink and enhance your baby’s future creative vibes, or you can have a very subtle pink that one may see on a rose.

6. Green

One of the many benefits of green is its association with nature. If you want to have a nature theme in the nursery and plan to add plants, then green is a great color to start with. The color is fresh and symbolic of life, which also symbolizes the life you’re about to bring into the world. You can express different moods with green, as you can have a more earthy sage green or go bold with a lime or mint green. Further add to the earthy quality of the room by pairing green with brown, such as wooden furniture or brown trim.

7. Purple

Purple is associated with the color of royalty. Like blue, purple can also be a very calming color. Purple is also associated with spirituality and sophistication. Purple pairs very well with white, light yellow, and even certain shades of pink. Whether you use lavender, violet, or plum-colored paint, you’re bound to have a beautiful room when you use purple.

8. Red

If you want to bring your baby into a bold and stimulating environment, then red is the color of choice. You can really make a statement by incorporating red in this room. While red might be overpowering on all the walls, you could still make a statement with an accent wall or trimming. It can easily contrast starkly with white or black. Red is also highly associated with courage, passion, love, and fun. Like yellow and orange, children are heavily attracted to and stimulated by red. Do you want a nursery that can eventually transition into a suitable room for a young child? Starting with colors that are popular with children can make that transition easier.

9. Orange

Do you want a color that young children will easily be stimulated by, but red is too much for you? See what orange can do for your room. The energy of orange helps stimulate your baby. Just be aware that it can also stimulate your baby’s appetite, as colors like orange, red, and yellow are known to make people hungry. With the right shade of orange, you can create a sense of coziness, and pair it with the color brown to have a very earthy effect. It’s an exciting color to have in a baby’s room well beyond the Halloween holiday.

10. Brown

Do you want to start your baby in a fresh and earthy environment? If you’re not interested in green, then brown is the way to go. With the color of wood, you can create a very comfortable, cozy space for a child. Brown can complement many other colors and easily fits well with traditional wooden furniture, such as a classic rocking chair that you can use to rock your baby to sleep.

With a professional house painting service, you can create a beautiful nursery for your child. Having a child is an exciting time for any family, and you want to bring them home to a safe, comfortable, and exhilarating environment. If you’re still unsure which color to pick, rest assured our professionals can help you. Contact our team at Everything Drywall and Paint today for a consultation.

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